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Martin Marecek Repubblica Ceca 2005 75'

For the director’s ability to tackle controversial issues head on. Including an animated sequence and background music in the soundtrack was an apt stylistic choice that lent the film a sharp note of irony. The recording crew succeeded in establishing a direct relationship with a variety of witnesses, putting them at ease in front of the camera. The film kept our attention because, although it portrays a reality far different from our own, we were able to link the situation it describes with our daily life. It is one of the few documentaries that investigates the world of oil mining, a natural resource we sorely depend on yet take for granted.


Riccardo Ballatore
(1986) graduated from A. Volta Science High School, Turin, has worked on the Provincial Student Council for the past two years.

Luca Bertolotto
(Pinerolo (TO) 1987) Provincial Student Council representative of M. Curie Science High School, Pinerolo, school year 2005-2006, graduated with a major in information technology.

Melania Di Blasi
(Turin 1987) attends A. Steiner Public Service Vocational Institute (Turin); Turin Youth Council member for the past two years; attends courses on filmmaking and photography.

Luca Garnero
(Rivoli 1988) lives in Valperga (TO), senior at A. Moro Science High School, Rivarolo; member of the Provincial Student Council since last year.

Daniele Giacomini
(1987), Provincial Youth Council president; attended senior year of the Istituto Valsalice Science High School. Returning member of last year’s Cinemambiente jury.

Emanuele Manzone
(1987) graduated this year from A. Volta Science High School; freshman in electrical engineering at the Politecnico, Turin; returning member of the Cinemambiente jury.

Antimo Natale
senior at M. Curie Science High School, Pinerolo; Provincial Student Council member this year and cinema buff. Film club president at his high school for the past 3 years.


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