CinemAmbiente TV

CinemAmbiente TV – Films for environmental education is a learning project in environmental education that draws on an extensive archive of films and dossiers for classroom use in any type of school.

The archive contains short, medium length, and feature films in Italian or with subtitles in Italian, selected by school grade and accompanied by didactic material specific to the film title and subject.

The film titles cover the entire range of concepts in environmental sustainability: energy and energy sources, ecosystems, biodiversity, man-nature relationship, water, climate change, eco-efficiency, aware consumption, food, mobility, pollution, land consumption, waste and health, to mention just a few.

Schools that have a subscription to CinemAmbiente TV can download from the Internet films and documentaries for showing in the classroom, develop scenarios around the topics, design projects to share knowledge about the many aspects of the environment for our future.

CinemAmbiente TV is a flexible teaching aid for communicative activities that appeal to young learners. Simple and easy to use, it is also coherent with the main objective of CinemAmbiente: to develop environmental awareness through the medium of cinema.

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05 June - 11 June 2023

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