Dear President Obama

Since 2008, under President Obama's watch, the drilling and fracking industries have boomed across the United States. Today more than 20 million people live within a mile of at least one oil or gas well. The impacts of this boom have affected every socio-economic class, every race, creed, and culture, urban, suburban and rural. Interviews with scientists, economists, health professionals, and geologists provide the core information we think will convince the President to join the "anti-drilling" majority growing across the United States and call for fossil fuels to be left where they belong, in the ground. Produced and narrated by Mark Ruffalo.The showing will be introduced by Agostino Re Rebaudengo (chairman of Asja Ambiente Italia and president of assoRinnovabili). A meeting with Daniela Fargione (University of Torino) and a Skype call with the director Jon Bowermaster, will be held after the showing.

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05 June - 11 June 2023

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