Concorso documentari internazionali 2014

Premio Consulta provinciale degli studenti di Torino

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This breathtaking film tells the story of a local people’s respect for their land and the oppression of global economic forces they suffer under. The film examines how the political and economic pressure wielded by big oil influences the inner workings of a country that gained its independence in 1960 and how the people’s respect for their land helps them to react against such forces. The accurate documentary research into the country’s political and social strife provides deeper insights beyond news analyses by Western media into the current situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A compelling story that makes us think about the real consequences of daily decisions.

Jury: Pietro Bongiovanni, Elena Bertini, Luca Bianco Prevot, Roberto Casula, Philip Dagostino, Ed Darrak Zahra, Noemi De Cicco, Elisa Gentile, Alice Iaia, Adrian Gabriel Istoc, Sara Labid, Sara Martinetto, Cecilia Passaniti, Margherita Peila, Yasmin Sardi, Sara Scotillo and Dascaliuc Tudor Florin.


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