Concorso documentari internazionali 2010

Premio ASJA Energy

Prize assigned to

Yorgos Avgeropoulos Grecia/Greece 2010 61'

The winning films, Life for sale (international jury prize award), and  Snake Man (jury honorable mention) communicate how we are faced with choices: social, political, economic, individual and collective in either choosing the path of destruction or in preserving life and the sustainability of the planet. They consistently illustrate the relationship of the human world with the natural world and the fragility of that relationship. They did so thoughtfully in very complex, diverse, and highly charged situations. Life for Sale acts as a warning about the extreme impact of the commodification of nature; Snake Man shows how a single person can make that connection and difference in an almost magical way. Both films mirror and communicate the critical momemt the world is facing and show inspirational ways to deal with. Cinemambiente once again shows the power of films to make change.


Canada Filmmaker

France Manager of the sustainable development department Havas Media

Armenia Director, founder of SunChild International Environmental Festival (Yerevan, Armenia)

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