by Todd Haynes Fiction Usa 1995 121'

Safe has been defined, with Todd Hayness's approval, "a horror of the soul". One day Carol (Julianne Moore), an upper class American woman all aerobics, hair stylist and dull marriage, finds out she has caught a disease which is surprisingly widespread in the USA: the "allergy to XX century" or "environmental disease". It is caused by pollution, that is by chemical products which accumulate in our body until they damage our immune system. The result is that Carol cannot live among people any longer, since she cannot stand anything toxic: cigarette smoke, car fumes, the air itself. There seem to be no remedies for this disease and Carol begins to develop the first signs of psychological uneasiness together with physical illness. Mind and body, restoring a too often forgotten bond, react to the daily intoxication with a violent crisis, which will affect her family and friends too.


Todd Haynes



Film submission

23° Festival


01 October - 04 October 2020

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