Shade Grown Coffee

Caffè creciuto all'ombra
by Alexander Kinnunen Documentary Denmark 2020 76'

Coffee is grown in the most biologically diverse areas of the world in a belt around the equator; generally in places where halting the rapid deforestation plays a significant role in minimising the negative consequences of climate change. Most coffee is grown as a mono-crop, often with little to no regard for its soil, local surroundings or people working in the farms. Thankfully, coffee can be produced in a truly sustainable way under the canopy of native trees in the tropics, protecting critical habitat for wildlife and providing a host of ecological and economic benefits to the environment and the farmer at the same time. “Shade Grown Coffee” provides insight into the coffee-making process, all the way from harvesting the ripe cherries to preparing the perfect cup of coffee. Passionate coffee farmers, roasters and baristas from around the world show how we can all enjoy a more sustainable cup – and a brighter tomorrow. A documentary film for coffee enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, “Shade Grown Coffee” aims to deepen the viewers’ understanding of their roles as consumers and appreciation of their next cup of coffee.


Alexander Kinnunen


Victoria Handskemager Wagner


Victoria Handskemager Wagner



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