The culture of interbreeding

by Andrea Fantino, Dario Magnani Documentary Italia/Italy 2008 52'

This documentary is about topics related to what is usually referred to as "nature" and man. The approach derives from anthropological studies: the images convey the perception of a separation between man and nature in reference to the culture/nature and civil/savage dichotomy. The perception of the distance between the human sphere and the natural sphere, conceived as being non-human, is the starting point for the presentation in this video. The aim is to present the idea that nature is not a separate entity, outside man's world, but rather a cultural concept and category. The culture/nature dichotomy is replaced with a single category of "the living" based on hybridization, on "hybris […] which refers to the bio-cultural acquisition of otherness, composed of genetic engineering itself." (Gilardi, "Dalla Land Art alla Bioarte").




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