Aeroporto del Littorio

Littorio Airport
by Giorgio C. Simonelli Documentary Italia 1933 11'

Littorio airport was built in eight months on a piece of land stretching between the rivers Tiber and Aniene, a very green area including a wood. The airport was sponsored by the Italian Air Force Union, which had many facilities built: a hotel for passengers, airplane hangars, mail and telecommunication services, offices and staff's apartments. While an airplane is taking off, the camera lingers on a hangar. Then you see other buildings, airplane components, aircraftmen pushing the airplanes into the runway. In the pilots' school, recruits are taking a trial flight. A camera set on the aircraft films the landscape, while another one on the ground allows us to follow the flight stages. Landing takes place with the help of smoke bombs lit by technicians. The pride of the airport is the internal factory employing over two hundred workers, where construction and assembly take place. First the engine's components are fit together, then the wings are made, finally all the parts are assembled. The airplanes are ready for take-off. The last frame shows the runway, where a car-race is taking place.



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