Belle & Sebastien

Belle et Sébastien
by Nicolas Vanier 2013 98'

World War II. Seven-year-old Sebastien is an orphan; together with an old shepherd who has become like a grandfather to him, Sebastien  and spends his days pasteuring. One day, his life changes when he meets Belle, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog that lives in the woods near Sebastien's village. Thought to be a predator by the village men, they injure the dog but Sebastien nurses it back to health. Thus begins a deep friendship between dog and boy, thanks to which a group of Jews will be helped in crossing the border to safety in Switzerland. Taken from the French series created by Cécile Aubry in 1965 and the basis for a famous anime made in 1980.


Nicolas Vanier

Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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