Le carrosse d’or

The Golden Carriage
by Jean Renoir Fiction Italia, Francia 1952 98'

In 18th century in the wake of its success a company of Italian comedians arrives at the Peruvian court. Camilla (Anna Magnani), the leading lady, is disputed by a torero, a night and viceroy who pushes to the point of giving her a golden carriage. The local aristocracy disapprove of Camilla and the rest of the company's scandalous disarray. Disappointed the actress resolves to commit herself to her true passion: acting. Renoir's first European work after his American period and the Indian episode The River (1951), it was produced by Francesco Alliata's Panaria Film, it had been originally commissioned to Luchino Visconti


Jean Renoir


Italia, Francia

Film submission

24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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