Rivista Cines n. 12

Cines Revue n. 12

Sergio Tofano, sitting at a cafeteria with his wife Rosetta, draws cartoons introducing the subjects of the newsreel. Holding a newspaper, the couple presents the new line-ups of Juventus and Lazio, one of Rome's football clubs which has had an outstanding transfer season. Flipping through the paper, he stops on an article about a typhoon and shows us a violinist's performance against the background of a sailing race. The report from America focuses on some women who don't hesitate to wear jewels worth millions. A visitor to Cines Studios: Alfredo Binda, the world cycling champion, has fun with the film-camera. The nextreport is about a women's canoe race.Turi Pandolfini gives a singular performance in Sicilian dialect. The newsreel ends with a visit to an American modern funfair.



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