Tra Scilla e Cariddi

Between Scilla and Cariddi

At sunrise Padron Simone and his men leave Ganzirri behind and start their day aboard of a «luntro », special fishing boat. An antenniere, a man perched on the top of a tall antenna in a felucca shouts directions to track the swordfish, which once harpooned is shared into equal parts before starting off on a new fishing exploit. A 2000 year old fishing technique typical of the Messina Strait which has been extinguished for a few dozen years, takes on the intensity of a chivalric challenge between man and the king of Mediterraean fishes. The calm wait soon turns into the impetuous crescendo of an exhausting chase, which finds its climax in the blow with the harpoon. Live sound recording enhance the old and extraordinary sequences which make the film a forerunner of Lu tempu de li pisci spata (1954) by Vittorio De Seta.

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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