Aux frontieres

On borders
by Danielle Arbid Documentary Francia, Belgio 2002 60'

Four weeks, two days and a few hours spent along the borders of a country which has two names Israel and/or Palestine. Without ever crossing the border. A journey through Lebanon and Jordan, where the refugees, exiles and enemies live, and where things and symbols representing that country were taken after being rescued from a blood-stained land. The film is an attempt to look at that country with the same eyes, if that's possible, of those who see it from the outside, and whose view of it is influenced by disparate and contrasting feelings: love, hate, reverie. The camera follows the director's wanderings; the film shows her coming into contact with a country which is just as fascinating as it is inaccessible.


Danielle Arbid


Francia, Belgio

Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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