Aftershocks A Rough Guide to Democracy

Aftershocks : un complicato percorso verso la democrazia
by Rakesh Sharma Documentary India 2002 66'

It's January 2001,on the deser t plain of Kutch, in the northern Indian region of Gujarat, just after a massive earthquake that has destroyed entire villages. Rescue teams have not yet reached the villages of Julrai and Umarsar ,which lie along the Pakistan border. Functionar ies of the GMDC (Gujarat Mineral Development Corpor ation), a state-funded mining firm which has long sought to exploit the area for its rich lignite resources, has, however, made it to the scene. With the excuse of the earthquake, the GMDC persuades inhabitants to leave their homes and relocate sever al miles away. And indeed, the prospects are enticing:new homes, a real school, a hospital, electricity, water, even two temples built to fulfill the spir itual needs of both communities - one for the high - caste Hindus of Umarsar, and one for the humble Rabari, semi-nomadic shepherds from Julrai. But the mining fir m's promises are not kept. Having, however, freely voted in favor of the transfer, marking their finger prints on the GMDC registers, the evicted villagers have unwittingly cut themselves off from government funding for post-ear thquake reconstruction. Aftershocks is a timely exposé on cor ruption and f oul play in the world's largest democracy, where the e xploitation and manipulation of people's ignorance leads to flagrant abuse through the le gitimization of consensus.


Rakesh Sharma



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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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