Una montagna di balle

Wasting Naples
by Nicola Angrisano Documentary Italia/Italy 2009 75'

What if governing Campania as if in a permanent state of emergency were just a ruse by the administration to cover up years of bad government? This is the central question of this enquiry film. As narrated by Ascanio Celestini, the evidence-based analysis looks into the causes of and the responsibility for "Western Europe's greatest environmental disaster." The film chronicles 15 years of extraordinary administration, seeking to shed light on appropriation of public funds, collusion between the authorities and the eco-Mafia, boycotting of differentiated garbage collection, disposal of "normal waste", unpopular with those would stand most to gain from it. Now come plans for new incinerators, like that in Acerra, an easy solution with controversial consequences. <%YOUTUBE=y-0YjeGHT64%> 


Nicola Angrisano