The Threat

by Luca Bellino, Silvia Luzi Documentary Italia/Italy 2008 86'

Adored by his people, feared by the U.S. government, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez cuts an unusual figure on the international political scene. La minaccia takes a critical look at the South American leader's light and dark sides, examining the changes (from the fight against illiteracy to the massive overhaul of the air force) to a country suffering from a collapsing hospital system, due in part to the high rate of violent deaths, chronic lack of drinking water, but resting on one of the world's largest oil reserves at the source of the Orinoco river, an immense natural resource that could earn Chavez the unconditional support of his countrymen and the diffidence of Western governments. <%YOUTUBE=oZA--6_17LA%>



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