La foresta magica

The Living Forest

When you cross the mysterious, lush scrubland of Cecebre, in Galicia, you get the feeling that the trees are alive. As soon as the travellers move out of sight, trees open their eyes, Big Oak and his friends Elm, Pine and Eucalyptus chatter with all the animals while happy birds run after each other and a colony of moles dig burrows and explore the forest. But the usually peaceful life in the forest is wrecked by dreadful events, the harmony is broken in Cecebre fading into the background the love troubles of Stone Driller, Stony to his friends, too shy to declare himself to Linda, a lovely and headstrong little female mole. Now she and all the moles disappear. Who is guilty? Mr. and Mrs. A'Plenty who live in their majestic ancestral home, which dominates the forest. The A'Plentys are a rich, greedy couple that only ever think about themselves and all too often endanger the lives of the forest's inhabitants. In fact, Mrs A'Plenty is longing for a smooth and trendy mole fur to make her friends absolutely envious. It will be up to Stony, and his odd group of friends, Cuddles the Persian cat, Piorno the mouse, two flies, Hu-Hu and Ho-Ho, and Carballo the wise, old oak tree, to succeed in defeating the A'PLentys, while shy and fearful Stony becomes proud and rash, rescuing his Linda. The movie comes from the homonymous novel by Wenceslao Férnandez Florez, famous Galician writer and journalist.



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