Sicurezza si può

2010 60'

Title: The Chocolate Factory
Subtitle: An account of work safety between tradition and innovation
Director: Paolo Ceretto
Company: Peyrano

Can the social innovations brought by safety norms co-exist with the practices of a traditional, family-run business? Peyrano, a symbol of excellence in gourmet chocolate, while trying to keep pace with market changes, without losing its identity as an artisan chocolate maker, faces difficulties with workers and contending interests between generations, traditions and daily routine.

Title: Residual Risk
Subtitle: The daily battle against the unpredictability of human behavior
Director: Alessandro Nucci
Company: TRW Automotive Italia ... Bricherasio (TO) plant

An ultramodern factory in Italy's industrial north. The factory produces airbags, safety devices for revolutionary automobile marques. Hundreds of workers spend six hours of their workday in a well-lit, aseptic and safe environment where nothing is left to chance. Yet the enemy lies in hiding: the residual risk associated with human behavior. Only when management and staff join forces is it possible to come closer to winning the battle against unpredictability.

Title: Every Man for Himself
Subtitle: Work safety between words and action
Director: Margherita Pescetti
Company: Zublena

The construction business is marked by high accident rates. To minimize risk in a building site, applying current norms is inadequate; instead it takes ongoing theoretical and practical training to develop a sense of responsibility among all those involved. The film tells of of the commitment and effort needed to ensure a safe work environment in a construction site. But it also poses the question of the value of these efforts in the public works market.  The story is told through the eyes of the film crew on its first encounter with construction site workers and safety issues.

Title: The Press
Subtitle: Work safety in the machine era
Director: Alessandro Pugno
Company: Corcos Industriale S.a.s.

In broad strokes, the film traces the history of the relationship between man, machine and workplace safety from the early 1900s to today, discovering that fear of the machines has given way to a sense of nearly unconditional trust. How did this change come about? Does man no longer need to live in fear of machines but only in fear of his own errors? What surprises does the future hold? Above all, is safety culture a conquest of technological progress alone? The answers to these questions are given by the workers of yesterday, today and tomorrow through archive images and footage filmed in an industry leader in workplace automation and advanced technologies. 

Title: Martini and its Recipe for Safety
Subtitle: For a pioneer in safety certification and technological adjustments, it's the overall culture of the organization that makes the difference in workplace safety
Director: Francesco Uboldi
Company: Martini & Rossi
Martini & Rossi is at the forefront of technical-engineering applications to work safety. Yet, the real problem lies elsewhere: more readily revealed in an organization's culture than by technical data and official certifications. Whence the decision to view this company, emblematic for Made-in-Italy, as a "big family" just as many of its employees see it. And to tell the safety story by following the recipe for making the company's most popular product: Martini.

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