Dieci chili di mare

by Francesco Uboldi Documentary Italia/Italy 2009 20'

"Here the sea is the boss, we're just the extras, the small fry" sums up Giampiero Levratto, 70 years old, most of which spent fishing from his boat off the coast of Savona, a job he still does despite the toil and economic hardship of a dying profession. On a late summer evening, Francesco Uboldi follows Levratto as he casts his nets, and returns at dawn the next day to sell the night's catch on the beach to regular customers and foreign tourists. From the lengthy monologue emerge the old fisherman's memories as he recounts the events in his life, the secrets of the sea, and the changes in the relationship between man and sea, now farmed and exploited. A compelling portrait of a figure from another era, poetic in its plain genuineness.Official Site 


Francesco Uboldi



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05 June - 11 June 2023

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