Civico Garrone 73

by Alberto Signetto Documentary Italia 2004 58'

The 1960s saw a boom in the construction of public housing in Torino, in an effort to stem the housing shortage that resulted in the wake of mass immigration linked to the expansion of industry, FIAT in particular. Today, many of those neighborhoods have become symbols of urban decay. While this film documents the demolition of one such building in the Mirafiori South district, it is also and fundamentally a reconstruction - through the direct testimony of residents, former Torino mayors Diego Novelli and Giovanni Porcellana, and the support of newspapers and film footage from that period - of family life within the projects, neighborhood history, and the legendary wave of southern Italian immigration to Torino during the 1960s. This film has received official sponsorship from the City of Torino's Housing Commission.

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05 June - 11 June 2023

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