Alberto Signetto

Ilario Blanchietti was born in Ivrea in 1960. He directed a series of shorts including Il salto nero (2002), Fastfootball (2003), Due spaghetti (2003), Lei (2003), Stella (2004), Central Park (2005), the musical clip Fabrizio Fratucelli Project (2004) and the documentaries Dancing Classes (2003), Memorie della Resistenza (2005-"˜06) and Volti della memoria(2005-'06).Born in Argentina in 1954, Alberto Signetto lives and works between Buenos Aires and Turin. Co- founder of the Artkino, he set up the Rosebud production company in 1984, and later in 1992 began to work with the Index cooperative. Since 2003 he works with the Kinoetika Association, and in 15 years as a film director has directed about twenty shorts, clips and documentaries.

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