Homegrown Revolution

Rivoluzione fatta in casa
by Jules Dervaes Documentary USA 2008 16'

"I think growing one's own food is a subversive act: there's the risk of becoming free," declares film director Jules Dervaes, supporter of the Path to Freedom project. Oddly, just when the food sector is being taken over by international corporations that make ample use of GMOs, pesticides and anabolics, the way out of this perverse system could be easier than appears: Dervaes and his children have transformed their Los Angeles home into an urban farm fully powered by renewable energy. They grow fruit and produce and raise barnyard animals to meet the needs of a four-member family. The surplus is sold to local restaurants. A story that evokes bygone times yet invites viewers to reflect and act now.<%YOUTUBE=mCPEBM5ol0Q%>   


Jules Dervaes



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01 October - 06 October 2021

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