Rivista Cines n. 2

Cines Revue n. 2

While the globe is turning on its axis, the voice-over invites us to a journey around the world. In Yokohama, Japan, the imperial prince and his wife are leaving for a cruise. In California,some girls from High School are organizing a masked festival. Vittorio De Sica lets us know his first impressions on talking films and his ideas about the actor's art. In faraway Fiji, two singers are giving a concert. In Rome Grapes Festival, carnival floats from various regions are parading. A trip to the United States shows us a fire broken out in an oil refinery in New Jersey. The next report is about the visit of some members of the International Educational Cinematography Institute to the new Cines studios and about the speeches made on that occasion. Then you turn to an outboard race in a North-American lake. At the end, we are in Rome again to listen to the legions' song, performed by a choir of the Fascist youth movement.



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