Showdown in Seattle, Five Days That Shocks the WTO

Resa dei conti a Seattle. Cinque giorni che scossero l'OMC
Documentary Usa 1999 140'

The five parts composing this video have been realised in Seattle and screened via satellite in Usa, one a day, during the five days demostrations against WTO To their realisation have contributed different groups of videomakers and single reporters cohordinated by Indipendent Media Center, while Deep Dish TV has curated the show via satellite. The five transmissions show the most important events and let the protagonists talk: several environmental associations representatives such as Food First, Friend of the Earth, Indigenous Environmental Network; major leaders of Union movements such as J. Sweeney and G. Becker; important personalities such as V. Shiva, J. Bové and R. Nader, the symbol, since decades, of the customers movement against all the multinationals frauds and currently presidential candidate of the Usa for the ecologist party.



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