by Furio Busignani  Italy 2019 34'

An anthology of stories from around Italy. The accounts of seven women, very different yet sharing the decision to pursue a solitary path and to make working with nature their life project. Portraits of women who render homage to the women before them who, prior to migration for working in the factories of the industrial northern cities during the 1970s, were the backbone of rural family economy. For they tended the stalls, milked the cows, tilled the fields, selected the seeds for better crops, and created simple meals without waste, besides filling their duties as mother and wife. Today, despite the difficulties, Alessia, Sara, Claudia, and others are determined to revitalize rural areas.


Furio Busignani






"The earth is life and gives us life, creates essence and if we treat it well it nourishes us even better: the soil is the natural beating heart of the world “
This was the thought that gave birth to the desire to tell about the earth as a terrain, that fabulous naturally vital chemical composition capable of creating nourishment. "Rare" is a project born following the instinct driven by my respect for mother earth and just in front of these last two words,"mother and earth" I stopped to reflect: the earth is a mother and women have always been fundamental for the rural family works. In fact, rural micro-chains have seen women as a base; they picked up the rice, did the farmhands, seed protectress... And then I remembered my grandmother Irma, my grandmother from Romagna, who in full Gothic style made her 40 kilometers by bicycle to exchange jams, eggs, bartering those foods to come home with oil or cheese, butter or chestnut flour rich in potassium that gave strength and nourishment, while my grandfather built an air raid shelter on the side of a hill with the men of the village. These were some of the reflections I made trying to focus on an idea for a rural all-female documentary. At this point I had to choose between honoring rural women exploring their past, or identifying contemporary and current evidence: I chose the path closest to me and to my sensitivity, so for over two months I went to look for women with a project started absolutely "alone", thanks to an authentic relationship with one's land; then I chose women who had never had an important working relationship with the soil, or that their land was not the "family land" or that, if it had been, at least they had turned it into a subsequent natural life project and sustainable . In the end I wanted them to be very different stories and I found 7 women all authentic bearers of knowledge and rural conscience, which is why they are very important in their communities and I tried to honor them for what they do and how they do it. In my future I intend to continue to give voice to the rural world by making it "talk" in order to finally return "knowledge to taste", thanks to the current and concrete stories of people who actively do something to respect the land, to protect the soil, giving us back knowledge and life so that we will know what we will eat.

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