Mare nostrum

by Stefano Mencherini Documentary Italia 2003 59'

Filing the immigration issue in the public order archive, stretching to the indifference towards refugees died at sea, to home-made Guantanamos and applying the preventive war strategy to stowaway immigration, Mare nostrum strides from one theme to the other on a journey through Italy denouncing the denial of rights foreigners landing Italy have to adjust to and the inefficiency of the Bossi- Fini-Mantovano law. Stefano Moncherini starts making his point from the Kater I Rades (1997's "Good Friday's slaughter" which caused 108 dead) sinking. Some of the film's scenes have triggered off four judiciary investigations on the "Centro di permanenza temporanea" (Temporary Permanence Centre) managed by Lecce's diocesan curia. The documentary also portrays every day life of "regulars'", those who are entitled to visas though still have to live like stowaways due to the iniquities and delays in the enforcement of the law.


Stefano Mencherini



Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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