La hora de los hornos

The Hour of the Furnaces

Shot secretly with the permission of militant leaders, this is a film made within the cracks of a system, against the system. The film represents a sort of off-off-Hollywood production that is an active attack on the hegemony of both the dominant model (First Cinema) and avant-garde cinema (Second Cinema), to propose Third Cinema - independent, bubbling with militant politics and experimental technique. As a poetic celebration of the Argentinean nation, this is an epic film in the classical as well as in the Brechtian sense, weaving together a wide variety of materials ... film footage, interviews, television commercials, photos - into a splendid historical tapestry. This is a cinematographic compendium, with strategies that span from pure didacticism to lyrical    stylization, borrowing inspiration from the avant-garde and tradition, from fiction and documentary making, from cinema verité and advertising, that carries on the legend of Eizenstein, Vertov, Ivens, Rocha, Birri, Resnais, Buñuel and Godard.



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01 October - 06 October 2021

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