L'invasione degli ultracorpi

by Don Siegel Fiction Usa 1956 80'

Dr Miles Bennel is regarded as crazy for stating that the peaceful village of Santa Mira has been in vaded by myster ious alien life-forms, developing inside huge pods, and that they are taking possession of men's bodies and minds. Some time before Jack had shown his friend Miles, who is in love with Becky,a copy of himself in his house basement. Initially motionless, the copy started animating during the night. When Jack's wife di scov e rs the new body moving, she runs to tell Miles. Meanwhile he has discovered another pod containing Becky's clone in her basement. They realize that the alien simulacra replace human beings as they are sleeping and that Santa Mir a is now in their power. The only way to survive is to stay awake, run away and warn the whole world of the danger. But Becky can't resist to tension and exhaustion and Miles, now alone, runs down the streets shouting that "they" are here.<%YOUTUBE=Kyg7whedvqU%>


Don Siegel



Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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