La guerra dei semi

Seed War begins with an investigation into numerous suicides among farmers as a result of debts accumulated for the purchase of chemical pesticides and hybrid seeds from foreign multinationals. Traveling through the Karnataka countr yside in the south of India, we encounter experimental fields of genetically engineered cotton, but it is soon discovered that the farmers who accepted the free experimental seeds were never fully informed by the companies. Monsanto claims that genetic engineering will bring benefits to the cotton industry throughout the subcontinent, but union-sponsored organizations, such as the one led by professor Nanjusdaswami, do not agree. A seed war is in progress between those who aim to safeguard bio-diversity and the or iginal seed forms, and the multinationals looking to conquer virgin - and immense - markets like in India, home to over 500,000 farmers.



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05 June - 11 June 2023

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