Old Partner - Wyo-nang so-ri

Il suono della campanella
by Lee Chung-ryoul Documentary Corea del Sud/South Korea 2008 75'

The twilight of a world where man and beast live and work side by side in symbiosis based on mutual respect. Choi is an 80-year-old farmer. Besides his wife, helping him work the land for over 30 years has been an ox. This simple story of farm life caught Korean audiences by surprise; despite industrialization and a strong economy, there lingers a nostalgia for the country's rural past. Drawing on his own rural background, it took film director Lee some 5 years to find the right man-ox team. The film won an award at the International Pusan (Busan) Film Festival and was presented at the Sundance Indie Festival, going on to become a box office hit at home, with 3 million tickets sold. <%YOUTUBE=Xk-et9XYUjw%>    


Lee Chung-ryoul


Corea del Sud/South Korea

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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