Komsomol, or Pesn'o Gerojah

Idem or Song of Heroes
by Joris Ivens Documentary Urss 1932 50'

This documentary follows the construction of a blast furnace, built by the Communist Soviet Youth Organization (Komsomol) at the farthest ends of the Ural mountains. It also tells about the growth of an il literate shepherd, Afasaneev, who has left hi s job and home to join the construction site. Ivens became interested in the project during one of his trips to the USSR. " It was exactly what I was looking for: youth and steel. " Ivens' working conditions were not easy owing to the Siber ian climate, the muddy ground of the steppes, the language and the limited economic means. After three months the troupe moved to the heart of Siberia in order to film the coal mining for the furnace, which was now finished and would soon start its activity. For the first time the Dutch director followed the development of a character, laying the foundations for his personal style. At first Komsomol received a great deal of criticism because of I vens' innovative approach,but later this film, re-entitled The Heroes' Song, was appreciated and screened on the Revolution's 15th Anniversary. In 1982, at the age of eightyfour, Ivens under lined Komsomol's importance once again. "It was definitely an Ivens film, a film about the way socialism was going in the USSR at the time. [...] The Heroes' Song is a film I fully subscribe to. "


Joris Ivens



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