Campagne Art

Campaign Art
by Sébastien Fau Experimental Francia/France 2008 25'

The elements of nature seen as a means of expression in a non-narrative series devoid of any representational intent. In this series of 10 video clips, French animator Sébastien Fau makes innovative and original use of water, leaves, flowers, branches, pebbles, sand and other materials, exploiting chromatic change for a stunning visual impact.WOOD. The ean, cutting down trees, gives death to them; in this short the director imagines to bring back to life trunks, branches, bundles which move along on a field, spreading around freely.


Sébastien Fau




LEAVES. Leaves' colors through the seasons, thousands of shades that can create unexpected, bizarre and funny shapes.

STRAW. In a field the straw is ripen, as soon as they cut it, it starts playing around: shreaves chase each others, settling and undoing themselves to create unusual shapes and acts.

STONE. In a mountain torrent big and small stones move along and chase each others creating towers, dams and watersports.

LAND. How many shapes and colors could the soil have? Using the stopmotion tecnique in a funny and interesting way, this short shows us the endless ground's shades.

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