Alexander Langer - Impronte di un viaggiatore

by Francesca Nesler Documentary Italia 2005 20'

Alex Langer made AltoAdige-SouthTyrol his own watch-tower on the world. It is a peculiar place because the policies of living in a multi-ethnical society and the environment are naturally interwoven. But, above all, it was possible to believe that there was a real alternative. An AltoAdige freed of its old ethnic conflicts could really become a meeting-and-exchange place both for the cultures travelling from the North to the Mediterraneum and for those moving from the South towards Europe. Alex continually refers back to his experience in South-Tyrol, which had been his testing ground, from where he set off to travel the world by train; that is also the origin of his feeling of political failure which made him give up the fight.


Francesca Nesler



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01 October - 06 October 2021

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