Hartmut Bitomsky

Hartmut Bitomsky (b. 1942, Germany) studied at the Free University and the Film Academy, both in Berlin. Since 1972 he has worked as copublisher and co-editor of "Filmkritik"; in 1975 he edited the translation of Andrè Bazinès What is Cinema? and founded a production company through which he produced over 40 films, chiefly documentaries, shown at major international film festivals. He has taught at prestigious universities; he became director of the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie, Berlin, in 2006. Films to his credit include: Humphrey Jennings (1976); Highway 40 West-Reise in Amerika (1981); Das Kino und der Tod (1988); Die UFA (1993); Playback (1995); B-52 (2001).

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