VideoFlash Ambiente 2003

Documentary Italia 2003 9'

This is the second edition of the VideoFlashAmbiente competition promoted by the Cultural Association of Venice, entitled Il Leone di Plastica, for the realization of "environmental promo spots," which is to say, web shorts, created using software that has opened up new opportunities for the making of low-cost cinema, with worldwide distribution via Internet. The ongoing theme for the VideoFlashAmbiente competition centers around environmental issues, recycling in particular. Selected works should be examples and instruments of the latest in environmental education for the public. VideoFlashAmbiente is part of the project Pubblico Protagonista ... Leone del Pubblico, conceived to increase audience involvement at film festivals. Works presented have been assessed by a panel of experts and audiences at the 60th Venice International Film Festival, with their online votes at (where all selections may be viewed), as well as at the association's stand at the Venice festival. At Cinemambiente we'll be presenting the three winning videos, along with the three videos most voted for by the public. The three winners were Veronica Lorenzon (web designer), Alessandro Zonin (administrative employee) and the Millelire Laboratory (class 3-L of the Peyron-Fermi Middle School, Torino). Lost Memories (Italy, Flash Animation, 3'45", Lorenzo Ghidoli); Piccoli gesti (Italy, Flash Animation, 1', Veronica Lorenzon); L'uomo col sacchetto (Italy, video, 1'40", Alessandro Zonin); Smorza "˜e llights (Italy, Flash Animation, 1'45", Classe III L Scuola Media Statale Peyron-Fermi di Torino); Ricevi quello che dai (Italy, Flash Animation, 45", Lahaine); Riciclone (Italy, Flash Animation, 45", Giuliano Parodi)



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