The Many Faces of Madness

by Amar Kanwar Documentary India 2002 19'

"Madness is that which can be recognized as such - for example, a truck dumping chemical residues into the first available canal at night , or pumping them dir ectly underground." Or even greater madness - there are multitudes of individuals and institutions aware of this ecological disaster, yet it is not stopped. "We have the information, but it pro vides us with no solutions; we see the effects, but we do not modify the causes. Are notions like the mark et and profit really so much more important than the fact that day after day life is being sacrificed?" The forests are disappearing, fish populations are shrinking, average temperatures r ise as the glaciers melt, and many animal and plant species are becoming e xtinct. "We are a nation waging war on our own air, earth and water. We believe we are master s of nature, forgetting we are actually a part of nature…" Is it too late to save the planet through a wiser use of resources?


Amar Kanwar



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05 June - 11 June 2023

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