Omaggio a Victor De Sanctis: Il paese dell'anima

the Country of the Soul

A documentary about the first Fiat pilgrimage to Lourdes, May 1957. After a landscape introduction and the travel report by train from Turin, the film shows the impressive procession of workmen in white overalls, waving flags with the notice: "Fiat: earth, sea, sky". De Sanctis, masterly using the stylistic feature of the great propaganda cinema, alternates the meeting between the "leader" and the "common people" (so you can see Vittorio Valletta shaking hands with the sick, while you can catch only a glimpse of a young layer Gianni Agnelli), and some pleas of strong emotional impact (as the voice over crying: "Three sick Fiat workers offered their lives in order that into the factory it will always be the reign of Jesus and His peace"), and crowd scenes reaching the deep appeal in the night illuminations.



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