The Ant Bully

by John A. Davis Animazione Usa 2006 89'

Little Lucas nickle has just moved to a new town and feels very lonely. His parents are busy arranging their anniversary party at Puerto Vallarta, his sister Tiffany teases him, his grandmother is setting up a defense system against imminent attack from outer space. Poor Lucas has nothing better to do than torture an ant colony in his backyard. And he also has to defend himself against neighbourhood bully Steve, who has targed Lucas as his new victim. But things are about to change: the ants have decided to fight back... lucas will have to live among the ants and learn what it means to work and fight against aggression. With the help of three ants, Hova, Kreela and Fugax, he will find a new world where friendship, compassion, teamwork and mutual trust reign and he will get the chance to show his mettle.


John A. Davis



Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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