Amici lontani

Distant Friends
by Arnoldo Farina Documentary Italia 2002 17'

Unicef presents the testimony of three young children who, in different parts of the world, engage in a daily struggle for survival in the face of a lack of basic rights for the protection of children.Nelson, 7, lives in war-ravaged Mozambique, in continuous flight from the countryside to the city, in search of water and food; Nelson was hosted at an educational center organ- ized by Unicef, where he at last found help. Leida, 13, survives by begging and petty theft at a market in Nicaragua; after run- ning away from her native village she was treated in Unicef clinic, where she received the polio vaccination - indeed many of her own family members have been stricken by the disease. She dreams of going to school one day, and living in a clean home. Ujeli, 9, feels privileged now that there are free Unicef-sponsored schools in Nepal, where girls are welcome too. Her dream: to become a teacher.


Arnoldo Farina



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