by Alessandro Blasetti Documentary Italia 1932 12'

First of all you see Assisi from far away, with a pan shot across the countryside. Then the camera closes up on the church and the basilica. The voice-over accompanies the images and tells the story of Saint Francis and his order, Saint Claire and her cloister, while the camera follows a friar holding a torch and leading us along the walls, down to the Saint's crypt and the lower church. The film goes on with an ideal walk before Cimabue's and Giotto's XIII century paintings. A choir of friars and their procession with candles are the only human elements in the representation of the town, with its squares, the surrounding hills, Saint Claire's nunnery and its garden, the rock overlook- ing Perugia, up to the ramparts and Mount Subasio, which takes us back to Umbria's countryside.



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