Appunti sull'India

Bhopal, India, the year 2002. Children born with genetic defects, second generation victims of a tragedy. Today some 200,000 people are still suffering the effects of the Union Carbide toxic gas leak that happened here many years ago. A meeting with Dominique La Pi erre ,who in her new book, 12:05 in Bhopal, reconstructs history's worst industrial accident ever. She takes us to the slums where people drink the contaminated water from aquifers beneath the old factory. In the Narmada Valley we meet writer/activist Arundhati Roy. A view of modern India, the world's tenth leading industrial power, and home of population growth, government mismanagement, unemployment, the poverty-stricken of Madras … . These are truly Notes on India.



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01 October - 06 October 2021

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