Alpi. L'arco occidentale (Piemonte Vette e Valli)

by Folco Quilici 2004 28'

A golden eagle is circling above a group of climbers on the top of a towering rock on the "˜Rocce Nivolet' peak, in the Gran Paradiso mountain range: symbol of a film dedicated to the relationship between man and mountain. There is a continuous sequence of pictures that tell about sports exploits (the climb of the "˜Becco Meridionale della Tribolazione') and show us the comunities of autonomous cultural groups (the Walsers, the Occitane-Provencials and the Waldesians). Last but not least, we are shown the magni- ficent "˜Monte Rosa' the true giant of the Alpine range, with an exhaustive description of its beautiful glaciers and mountain huts.


Folco Quilici

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