Seven Years of Winter

Seven Years of Wintter
di Marcus Scwenzel Fiction 2012 22'

The story of Andrej in the film has a new beginning every day, as we thought it. There are so many stories in his life every day, passing by abandoned manifestations of lost families and life's, looking through their personal belongings. But even more in the sense that it was actually happening in real life. Every day children and young adults were send into the zone gathering passports and ID's, but also radioactive iron that could be remelted into pots and pans, being contaminated by the radioactivity in the iron, while spreading it to the public. Not to mention all the medals, icons, etc. that has become souvenirs on shelves in pent-house apartments around the globe, just standing there, glowing with radioactivity. And the madness goes on as if the zone didn't exist. Nowadays the zone has become a place for wealthy people to go on an exclusive hunt. It is this madness and it's consequences I seek to illustrate in the film.


Marcus Scwenzel

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24° Festival


01 Ottobre - 06 Ottobre 2021

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