L'Île Pyrénées

Pyrenees Island

In 1990, the discovery of a mysterious frog motivated a Spanish ecologist has begun research on this little amphibian. After three years of extensive studies, Jordi Serra Cobo finally described this new species and named Rana Pyrenaica . Starting in the footsteps of the rare Pyrenean frog, the film invites us into the chaotic world of high mountain torrents. In this turbulent environment, live alongside the frog as rare beings are strange. All of them have a complex evolutionary history. All of them are now threatened with extinction. Beyond the magic of a naturalist discovered the Pyrenean frog has much to teach us ... on the middle course, but also about ourselves and the uncertain future that awaits us.

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26° Festival


05 Giugno - 11 Giugno 2023

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