Food Savers

I Risparmiatori di cibo
di Valentin Thurn 2013 44'

In Western countries, food waste is becoming a serious problem (40% of purchased edible food products is discarded in the United States alone). Opponents to food waste are acting to limit food wastage in keeping with a "waste not, want not" battle slogan to change modern consumer's bad habits and raise awareness about the consequences dumped food has on the environment. Rallying around the cause are farmers, supermarket managers, cooks and ordinary housewives, according to Valentin Thurn who, after Taste the Waste, returns to address the centrally important issue of food waste disposal in the present environmental debate, focusing on a different aspect in the food chain supply.


Valentin Thurn

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23° Festival


29 Maggio - 03 Giugno 2020

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