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The Pacific Ocean has already received around 800 tons of radioactive material from the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant and that, under the bright silence of the media. The story of Fukushima should make a daily basis. The brightest of the world should work together to try to find a solution or, if that the way to deal with the consequences of this unprecedented disaster that exposes us to risks of radiation ever encountered from the beginning of humanity. 235[92] It's not just a video ! "¢ Video Instalacion "¢ Live Audio Video Performance "¢ Work in progress world wide called Project 92 ( to be launch 11/mar/2015 ) March 11, 2011, Fukushima's nuclear power plant explosion : the biggest biological disaster ever happened on earth Project 235.92 = video + audiovisual live performance + interactive net art open call Project 92 is a worldwide collaboration work in progress OPEN CALL to be launch on March 11, 2015 The open call will host 92 artists sending a 2.35min. video against nuclear power plants & pollution A final worlwide collaboration video (216.2 min.) including the 92 participants work against nuclear energy will be present in international festivals, museums, media, etc.


gabriel otero

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26° Festival


05 Giugno - 11 Giugno 2023

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