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by AA. VV 90'

Workshops for SchoolchildrenAll about Energy
What happens when we turn a light on, when we run or when the sun shines on a plant? This workshop introduces children to the basic concepts of energy and the effects of different forms of energy from electrostatic phenomena to renewable energy sources that derive their energy from the sun.If I were an Animal
Do animals sense their surroundings like humans do? Some senses are more developed than others, which enables animals to survive in their habitat. Topics include camouflage, tattoos, vocalization, habitat, and a bestiary: an ideal animal the children will build.The Earth: past, present, and future
How has the Earth changed over the course of its natural history? The positive value of adaptation as contexts change following extinction through to the present day. Calculating the ecological footprint; a guide to the little things in daily life that can be done to provide a better future for all. Exploring the connection between science, evolution, civil education, and responsible practices.Forms of Energy
What happens when we turn a light on or drive a car? Through guided discussion, games, questions and answers, children will be introduced to attributes of energy (clean, dirty, expensive, polluting, necessary, alternative), its various forms (mechanical, electric, solar), and its property to be transformed. Energy Production and Transformation
What is energy? Can it be conserved? An exploration into how energy is produced and transformed, from the first electric generators to the design and management of smart power grid systems based on renewable energy.Why are Leaves Green?
Why do flowers have different colors? Why do the leaves turn color in the fall? Children will learn about the composition of light and, starting from the observation of plants (chlorophyll and pigments), how it is that our world comes in vastly different colors.



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