Scorie in Libertà. L'increbile avventura del nucleare in italia

Waste in Freedom. The Incredible Adventure of Nuclear in Italy
by Gianfranco Pannone 2012 88'

Borgo Sabotino, Latina, 70 km south of Rome, once swampland, later reclaimed during the Mussolini era, became the site for Europe's lar- gest atomic power plant when it was constructed in 1963 at the height of Italy's post-war economic boom. Gianfranco Pannone, who was a member of the local antinuclear committee that mobilized public opinion during the 1987 referendum, returns to Borgo Sabotino. Aided by his old friends, he sets out to investigate reactions to plans advanced by the Berlusconi administration to renew interest in atomic energy, and to enquire into the area's unsolved problems, including the construction of a second experimental reactor designed by Italian engineers but which never went into operation.<%YOUTUBE=i5e6LLjLwUQ%>


Gianfranco Pannone

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