Viaje a los pueblos fumigados

A Journey To the Fumigated Towns
by Fernando E. Solanas 2017 97'

In the province of Salta in northern Argentina, centuries-old forests are being cleared to make way for huge soya plantations. Indigenous farmers are being driven out of their villages and are no longer allowed to use the access roads that have now been privatized. Herbicides are being sprayed and diseases are spreading. These stark images testify to state-sanctioned environmental crimes committed by industrial agriculture, the social aftermath of monoculture, the uncontrolled use of weedkillers and other chemical substances, and the devastating effect on the development of embryos. The film explores ways in which we can break out of this vicious circle of a corrupt system in which consumers are deceived and regulation is eliminated. Do ecological alternatives have a chance?

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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